Saturday, November 5th

Bogomir Bogdanovic Estate Show

Join us Saturday, November 5th for a special Bogomir Bogdanovic estate show featuring a sample of his life's work.

1-5 pm

Saturday, November 19th

Clinton Broyles

Join us Saturday, November 19th for Clinton Broyle's 2nd one man show with Southwest Gallery! Skilled beyond his 30 years, this young architect paints with a precise artistic hand... evolving and exploring his own visions. We are excited to share with you the emergence of this amazing young talent!

1-5 pm

Saturday, December 10th

Kent Wallis

Join us this December for Kent Wallis's annual one man show! Kent's superbly executed paintings blend the schools of romantic realism and impressionism. His use of color and composition of the four seasons lend themselves to an incredible beauty which reflects intensity but a gentle inspiration of calm and strength.

1-5 pm