Saturday, September 12th

Brian Grimm

We are excited to announce our First One Man Show for Brian Grimm. More information coming soon!

1-5 pm

Friday, October 23rd and Saturday, October 24th

"Traveling the West"

Over 170 of America's top artists will present original artwork for sale in one of the largest art events of 2015 nationwide. Over 400 new "Traveling the West" pieces will be available by draw in this incredible show. Many special events to enjoy including an amazing Texas BBQ that's not to be missed. Make plans NOW to attend this special show and sales event, and reserve your tickets now at!

Saturday, November 14th

Kent Wallis

Join us for Kent Wallis's Annual One Man Show! His impressionistic technique lends a spontaneous touch while his palette of bold, vivid color creates an atmosphere of joy. He defines impressionism as 'catching the fleeting moment in a landscape and putting down quickly on the canvas the impressions that first come to you.

1-5 pm

Saturday, December 5th

Harold Kraus

Harold's Annual One Man Show is just around the corner! His paintings are executed in an impressionistic style with strong tendencies toward expressionism. Happiness is a recurring theme, whether displayed by his use of color or in the settings of his subjects.

1-5 pm